Best Dating Sites for Portland Singles

best dating sites for Portland singles

Where have all the good Portland singles gone?

We’ve all heard it before: “Portland dating is hard” It’s even harder if you’re searching in the wrong places. Our experts at FernDate have researched and tested the major dating platforms and can confidently share the three sites getting the best traction in Portland today. Older platforms like Zoosk and eharmony are phasing out and being replaced by newer, user-friendly apps like Hinge and Bumble. It’s important to note that age and dating styles are important factors in finding the app that’s best for you. Stick with us as we walk you through our top recommendations:


Where Portland ladies have the first move

The Value Prop

Think of Bumble as a much better Tinder. It operates in the same way but lets women take the lead by sending the first message to their dates. Bumble is probably the most popular dating app in Portland, and for that reason alone it’s a great one to try!

The Framework

This is a swipe app where you and your potential match need to swipe on each other before you can begin the conversation. Your potential match will be choosing to swipe right or left based on your first photo alone! With this kind of snap decision making, your photo must be worth 1000 words.

Our Recs

On a swipe app like Bumble, that first picture could make all the difference. Scary, we know! Look for a photo that highlights your best self and make sure it ticks these boxes: √ Can you clearly see my whole face? √ Does this showcase my personality? √ Would I swipe right? 😉 We suggest following through when it comes to Bumble. With a swipe app, you can get what we like to call the ‘plenty of other fish’ syndrome. Things move fast and it’s easy to get reeled into a date with someone you barely know.

As the date approaches, you’re gearing up to bail. We say wait! This is the moment to stick it out. Remember that a first date will always be a chance to get to know someone new, even if they’re not the right someone for you.
Recommended ages: 18-60


The Portland singles who are (more) ready to commit

The Value Prop

Hinge got a redesign about two years ago and is marketed as ‘the dating app designed to be deleted.’ It’s become increasingly popular since its relaunch. The platform is easy to use and intuitive. It’s not a swipe app (which we LOVE), but rather a hybrid between older sites like OKCupid and newer swipe-life apps like Tinder.

The Framework

When you’re up against the most quality singles in Portland, profiles matter. On Hinge, you’re required to include a mix of photos and Q-and-A style content to showcase your personality. Folks can view your profile and engage with you by ‘liking’ a specific photo or content piece, similar to Instagram.

Our Recs

We recommend choosing questions that showcase your personality and are true to you. Hinge uses their algorithm to show you a ‘Most Compatible’ match each day. They utilize your preferences AND your potential matches preferences to make these pairings. Being yourself means getting the most valuable matches delivered to you.

It’s also important to consider the balance of photos and content. For content, we suggest you share something personal, something silly, and something about what kind of partner you’re after. This mix is surefire for getting noticed in all of the right ways. For photos, we recommend you paint a picture of who you are outside of the dating app. Share what you like to do through your catalog of photos.
Recommended ages: 18-50


The OG site for mature Portland daters

The Value Prop

Calling all singles who value substance over smile. With more information, Match allows for extensive filtering. It is also the best site for singles over 50 because there are more singles to choose from in that age range.

The Framework

So Match is a bit old school in all of the right ways. There are more demographic filters available than other sites. Filter by education, income, height, and lifestyle q’s as you see fit. You can also opt in to “Incognito Mode” where you are invisible to all users unless you decide to reach out first! Photo quality, while always valuable, isn’t most important at Match.

Our Recs

At Match, copy is king. Here we encourage our clients to take time to craft their narrative. Try to make your profile specific and positive. It’s important on Match that you’re honest and transparent but also keep a sense of humor about it all.

And though photos aren’t the star of the Match show, quality pictures can make a huge splash and really help you stand out.
Recommended age: 50+

The Road Less Traveled


The furthest thing from a swipe app

The Value Prop

Coffee Meets Bagel uses your profile to curate a few strong matches every day; they call these matches your ‘Bagels’ (because why not?). This app is awesome for those who want to dip their toes in online dating but don’t want it to take over their life.

The Framework

With CMB, you create a detailed profile. Start with a mix of photos and written content to fill out the narrative. Choose from prompts like “I am… “, “I like…” or “I appreciate when my date…”. CMB also asks you to fill in Icebreakers that can be used by your potential match to jumpstart the conversation. Think: “Ask me about when I worked at a National Park!”

Our Recs

When setting up your CMB profile, we think the Icebreakers are a real opportunity to stand out. Use fun facts that are conversation starters. Pick things that showcase another side of your personality or an interest you’re excited to share.

Once you’re up and running on CMB, our most important recommendation is to check the app daily. Remember, you only get a few potential matches each day. If you miss them, there’s no guarantee the same suitors will show up again.


Where Portlanders go to find intentional online dating

The Value Prop

MeetMindful is all about fostering meaningful connections. They are all about living your happiest, healthiest life and helping you find folks who are like-minded.

The Framework

The game-changers with MeetMindful? They provide opportunities for real feedback on your profile instead of “swipe judgements”. You can choose to ‘like’, ‘pass’, or just ignore the ten daily profiles that come up on your feed. If you pass, the algorithm will weed out similar profiles in the future.

MeetMindful is built for those who value healthy lifestyles, natural living, and open perspectives. To build your profile, participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire that dives deeper than most dating apps. The questionnaire is lengthy but gets at the heart of you.

Our Recs

This is a newer app so you won’t see the volume of matches here that you will in other places. That said, it’s about quality over quantity, right? We recommend you share your whole self and you’ll be surprised how genuine the people on MeetMindful will be in return. Add details like your zodiac sign and enneagram.

Another recommendation here, sign up for premium. If you only have the free version, you have pretty limited capabilities with MeetMindful. When you upgrade, the app becomes much more interactive. You get access to see who’s viewed/liked you and browse beyond your daily matches.


A place for alternative exploration geared towards both couples and singles

The Value Prop

After launching in 2014, Feeld has become popular with alternative daters. At its core, Feeld empowers exploration of sexual desires in a safe, responsible, and progressive space with other open minded individuals.

The Framework

While playing the field within Feeld, you are invited to explore. Feeld allows you to select between 20+ sexual and gender identities, list your desires, pair profiles with a partner, while also being able to join and create group chats. Feeld is laid out in a traditional swiping model.

Feeld both honors and embodies their core values of: Human, Fluid, Safe, Transparent, and Progressive.

Our Recs

There many not be as many people on Feeld in Portland as you might find in even bigger cities; however, quality over quanitity! Plus, it’s such a unique and open space for people, that you might not otherwise find.

So if it’s this simple, why work with a dating coach?

Stand Out

You are a unique mix of your experiences, goals and desires. Picking the right platform is important, but even more important is telling the right story. A dating coach listens, documents, and organizes your needs and wants to help build a smart path to the right person.

Your Story Matters

All good companies have a brand that’s interesting and attractive. They hold a value proposition that makes you want to learn more; makes you want to invest your time, energy, or dollar. A dating coach works with you to craft your personal brand.

You’re Only One Human

When it comes to finding a match, more help is always better, especially when it comes from the experts. Our creative team is hand-picked and at your disposal. We elevate our clients confidence by curating photos, copy, wardrobe, and styling to make sure that your authentic self shines through.

Take out the Guesswork

There might be something missing that you just can’t put your finger on. This happens for a lot of us and it’s a daunting problem. Maybe you’re going on dates with the person you think you want but it’s not clicking the way it should? It’s a dating coach’s job to find the common thread between what you want and what you’re doing wrong (or what you could be doing more right).

Regain the Fun Factor

Working with a dating coach can take the drudgery out of wading through bios without focus. Once you know what you want and you feel you’re set up to find them, the process becomes fun again.

Save Time

Don’t let another week, month, or year go by without making space to find a lasting connection. If you have a dating coach, they’ll motivate and encourage you to go after what you want.

See how we can help at FernDate.