Love and Companionship:
Senior Dating in a Digital World

What does dating look like for those growing into their golden years? How can we safely search for passion and excitement? Or find comfort and dependability? In today’s digital dating landscape, we’ve outlined the best senior dating sites and outlined their value. Read below to learn more: 


The largest database of singles over 50

The Value Proposition 

Match is looking for daters who value substance over smile. With more information, Match allows for extensive filtering. It is also the best catch-all site for senior singles because Match’s database is one of the largest for the over 50 crowd. 

The Framework 

Match is a bit old school in all of the right ways. There are more demographic filters available than other sites. Filter by education, income, height, and lifestyle q’s as you see fit. You can also opt in to “Incognito Mode” where you are invisible to all users unless you decide to reach out first! Photo quality, while always valuable, isn’t what’s most important on Match.

Our Recommendations 

At Match, copy is king. Here we encourage our clients to take time to craft their narrative. Try to make your profile specific, personal, and positive. It’s important on Match that you’re honest and transparent but also keep a sense of humor and show your sassy side. And though photos aren’t the star of the Match show, quality pictures can make a huge splash and really help you stand out!


The best dating site for 60+ seniors

The Value Proposition 

OurTime is the distilled down version of Match. Literally! OurTime is owned by so it boasts all of the easy-to-use functionality and the clear searchability of Match while being targeted specifically at the 50+ community. 

The Framework 

OurTime makes it incredibly simple to get started. Input your name, zip code, date of birth, and email and you’re ready to go. It’s not even required that you have a photo (but it definitely increases the likelihood of finding matches). Once you answer some basic questions, you can begin to view profiles and use basic search filters. That said, it’s not easy to communicate with a potential match without taking the leap and trying the subscription model.

Our Recommendations 

If you’re ready to get serious, get the paid OurTime membership so you can really utilize the site’s database. Gain access to emailing and instant messaging. Gain access to “favoriting” matches as well.

With 7.7 million visits per month, it is important to find ways to make your profile stand out.  Make sure that your main photo is well lit and highlights your face and features. When it comes to the written word, you only get 200 characters to tell your story on OurTime so it’s vital that you make every word count. Think about what you want to share about yourself and/or what are the most important traits in your potential match. 


The serious site for singles over 50

The Value Proposition 

SilverSingles is only for singles 50 and over. The site has a smaller user group with 800,000 visits per month but has security features like fraud detection software in place to ensure that everyone is really who they say they are. 

The Framework 

Get your profile up and running in a few minutes with the user-friendly set up. You only need to include one photo but can spend as long as you’d like beefing up your profile. There is room for a gallery of photos, lots of Q&A type prompts, and even a personality test which looks at your “communication skills, personality traits, and your attitude toward relationships.”

Our Recommendations 

Take the personality test! This is one of the main ways that SilverSingles stands out and for good reason. If you take their test, they’ll give you 3-7 new matches each day which makes your life easy. Also, do yourself a favor and spend the extra few minutes to put together the gallery of photos. In true Fern Date fashion, we recommend photos that show your features and a bit of your personality, too. 

Spotlight: Dating Apps 

For the Curious Senior Dater

The Value Proposition 

Dating apps like Bumble and Hinge contain a large use base and easy access swipe-culture. You can swipe through potential matches with a friendly user interface. While the majority of users aren’t 50+, there are still pretty big numbers to boast about between 50-65. 

The Framework 

Getting dating apps up and running is fairly similar to the sites mentioned above. If you have a few quality photos and a brief bio you can get a Bumble profile up in minutes. 

Our Recommendations 

Start with Bumble. Today, there really is a present and growing group of singles over 50 who are ready to try app dating. Bumble has been around the longest and that has, over time, attracted a growing group in the 50+ group (especially 50-70).

The unique thing about Bumble is that it’s a swipe app. So while you get to write out a bio and answer questions about yourself, many potential matches will make up their mind about you from the first photo alone. 

Make sure your photos showcase your face and/or figure. Clear photos where you are looking your best are very important. It also is valuable real estate to showcase a bit about your personality. If you love to fish, share some pictures of you at the water. If you love to take photos yourself, include some pictures of you doing what you love most! 

One other Bumble note: Bumble is the app where women make the first move so this may be a bit of an adjustment. 

That said, once you are comfortable with Bumble, the sky’s the limit! Check out the other dating sites we recommend to clients!

Extra Tips and Tricks


Take off your hat and sunglasses. Your dating app photos must show your whole face and ideally, your hair too! Consider taking new photos that represent who you are today. Take some pictures while doing your favorite activities: wine tasting in the Willamette Valley, out doing yard work in the backyard, or crafting with your grandchildren. 


Make sure you take time to make your dating app content accurate and well-spoken. Consider making a list of what is important to you in a partner and double check that you’ve highlighted those things in your profile. Even more, think through what you want others to know about you. Doing an activity like this before filling out your profile can ensure that you’re telling the story as you want it to be told.

Security First

Many people think about security risks in online dating. Ensure that you’ve considered what personal information you’re sharing, both in your profile and in conversation with potential matches. Hobbies, interests, and personality traits are all important to share. Any sensitive information like your address or even local hangouts are best left unsaid. 

Be Honest

50+ daters are the most diverse group there is. You have had a rich life with ups, downs, and all-arounds. Make sure to be honest with yourself and others with what you’re looking for next. Are you seeking companionship, partnership, conversation, love, or intimacy? What about all of the above? 

Be Confident

Dating into your 50s and beyond is challenging to navigate. But, it can really be a fulfilling adventure. You know yourself better now than you ever have before! 

Practice Makes Perfect

Especially for those getting back into dating after any kind of hiatus, dating is hard. Don’t expect to say the right thing right off the bat! The more you interact with others in online chats, the more comfortable it will become. 

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