April 1, 2016

Photo Techniques for your Dating Profile

It’s Not All About You Apart from you looking great, you need to remember that everything else in the photo is equally important. That’s why looking somberly in the gym mirror, selfie style isn’t the ideal photo. Make sure you stay true to your lifestyle but also portray yourself in […]
February 21, 2016

Check That Profile: Common Pitfalls

That Bathroom or Car Selfie It’s not doing you any favors. No bathroom or car selfies, EVER. Let’s aim for a more visually appealing background. How Old is that Photo? Your college days are over. Put down the red solo cup. It’s time for an upgrade. The One Photo Wonder […]
February 21, 2016

The First Date Check

How does paying on the first date work these days? If my date wants to pitch in does that mean she doesn’t like me? I hear this a lot with my male clients, and today, it’s hard to figure out how to read these situations. All guys (and ladies) have […]

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