Welcome to Fern, let's talk about you.

Our Process

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The Basics | Tell Us About You

Born and raised
Tell us about your childhood.
Employee of the week
We want to know about what you do and what it does for you.
Wistful? Or relieved that it’s over?
Describe your last vacation
Where did you go and what did you do?
We bet you’ve got some stories.

Tell us all about them.
How would you describe your personality?
Love grabbing happy hour with friends? Like taking a hike solo to recharge?
2 pm, Saturday Afternoon
What are you up to?
Describe a challenge
Or hurdle that you’ve overcome.

Dating History | The Nitty Gritty

1. Describe your dating experience this past year.
2. How many long term relationships have you had?
3. Where/Who did you date?
4. How long did you date them?
5. Are dating consultants and matchmaking services new? Or old friends? If so, how was your experience? Likes, dislikes?

Online Dating History

Which dating platforms have you used? Which was your favorite?
How long were you on them?
How well do you like to know your date before meeting them?
Is there any crucial information you like to know? Dealbreakers, roadblocks, things that make you go “No Way”, instead of “Okay!”

Describe a date you were excited to message.
Describe your best online dating experience.
How about your worst online dating experience?

Let’s Meet Your Perfect Date

What are some defining characteristics?
Be as specific as you can.
Age (older or younger?)
Body type, key features, style, activity level and hobbies.
Family and friends, religion, lifestyle, and priorities.

  Kids - tell me where you're at.
What do you value in a partner?
Do you have any non negotiables?
Do you have a list? Has it gotten longer or shorter over time?

Strengths and Challenges


What have your family and friends pointed out as your best traits?
Proudest moment or achievement? Let’s hear them.
Is there anything you’d like to improve on?
How does stress affect your personality and communication?
Do you clam up, or let it all out?

Relationship Expectations

So, FERN found you the perfect date...what now?
What would your ideal relationship look like moving forward?
    • long term relationship90%
    • pints and and happy hour45%
    • exciting short term dates65%
    • keep it casual85%

Timeline for Success | What to Expect from Fern

  • Before Fern

    No Dates
  • After Fern


Intake Session (we’re almost done!)
We’ll get to know you, and figure out what FERN services work best for you.
Platform Assessment
We will position your profile on up to 3 dating platforms right for you.
Profile Creation
We’ll create a profile worthy of your personality. With up to three revisions. We’ll make sure it’s perfect.
Photo Session
A session with our professional photographer will result in up to 8 photos presenting the best of who you are.
Weekly Date Finder
Handpicked matches can be delivered right to your inbox, each one compatible, and relevant to your relationship goals.

We Promise

Fern will commit and work hard to present the most authentic you.

FERN will keep your personal information confidential.

You Promise

To be honest - good, bad, ugly.

To be open minded, listening to feedback, and advice.