It’s not you, it’s your profile.

Let’s break down today’s dating scene

Online dating is now the norm. In the United States alone 91% of singles have used an online dating service.
Check it out: One in three urban singles has dated online in 2015.
REALLY? A whopping 320 dating apps have been created just in the last five years.

Common Pitfalls of Online Dating

Fall into a faux pas?
That bathroom selfie isn’t doing you any favors.
How old is that photo?
Your college days are over. Put down the red solo cup, it’s time for an upgrade.
The one photo wonder
This isn’t Grandma’s fridge. We have room for a few more.
Boring, generic speak
Everyone is friendly, outgoing and and active? Seriously? Everyone?

Incomplete, sloppy profiles
People won’t think you’re being casual and low key, they’ll think you just don’t care, or worse, you aren’t a catch. You want to invest in people who invest in themselves.

Your profile on the wrong site
If you don’t know the language, you won’t be successful. There are as many dating platforms as there are food carts in this town. You’re not going to expect spring rolls at the fried chicken food cart, right? Same logic applies.

Online Dating 101


Being objective
We’re usually too modest and self-deprecating, or a little too sure of the fact that we’re ‘REALLY great’. Your friends and family on the other hand? They’ll tell it like it is. After our two hour intro session you can put us in that category.
Birds of a feather, not opposites attract
We all like a good clash of the titans every now and again, but social psychology research shows that these relationships don’t last. People with common shared values and lifestyles are much likelier to stand the test of time.

Fern's Chronicles | My Story

3 out of my 4 relationships started with a dating profile. All of them were successful in that I still maintain a friendship and have a respect for my exes.
I believe in this my online dating “formula” because it’s been successful for so many people - starting with myself.
I met my ex of 4.5 years on in 2011 and we had a great relationsip. We decided to be friends last year and we still maintain a friendship and respect each other immensely.
I met my current bf in August of last year on OKC. I took candid, in the moment photos with a photographer and I created a few different dating profiles.

I realized I liked some platforms more than others and decided to focus on OKC since it was working best for me.

I went on some great dates with interesting guys, but it was the 12th first date that won me over. We just celebrated our 6 month anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. I can say that compatible personalities, values, and lifestyle are why our relationship has brought me so much happiness.

I’d like to bring that happiness to others that are looking for a partner in crime.

Why We Stand Out | We're Tech Savvy


We know there are other services out there, but we also know no one is doing it quite like us. Other matchmakers are only as big as their internal database of matches - that’s a fraction of the singles in Portland. We use all of the existing dating platforms to find you great dates.

What’s Different About Fern Profiles?

Photos with 100+ likes - Our goal is to show you doin’ you.
We want your photos to stop people in their tracks. Not by making people say ‘That’s a great photo’, but rather ‘That seems like a great person’. Don’t like Outdoor Sports? We won’t put you in a Kayak. Hate smiling? Great, mysterious looks good on you. A Master of plant-based cooking? Get busy making us a delicious cashew and date coconut cream torte, and we’ll capture it all.

Anyone can be an adjective - ‘Nice/Funny/Smart/Chill/Easy-Going/Cool/Sweet’.
We’ll showcase examples as to why you’re all these adjectives. This will come off stronger and will paint a clear picture. “I’m active and outdoorsy” turns into “Me and my morning coffee love taking hikes to Council Crest. Nothing beats the view.”
Brevity is the soul of wit
We’ll make sure you stand out quickly, strongly, and authentically.

What Now? Fern Does the Heavy Lifting

Your Online Profile

1. In depth intro session
2. Dating platform assessment
3. Photo shoot - up to 8 photos
4. Location scouting. Wardrobe styling advice.
5. Up to 3 profile revisions
6. Launch!


Weekly date finder

Here's where it all comes together. You'll get dates sent straight to your inbox.
We send you up to 3 prospective dates per week detailing why you should reach out. You decide whether to contact them. Message editing: we help craft that perfect first message.