Check That Profile: Common Pitfalls

older woman selfie

That Bathroom or Car Selfie

It’s not doing you any favors. No bathroom or car selfies, EVER. Let’s aim for a more visually appealing background.

How Old is that Photo?

Your college days are over. Put down the red solo cup. It’s time for an upgrade.

The One Photo Wonder

This isn’t grandma’s fridge. We have room for a few more.

Examples not Adjectives

Everyone is friendly, outgoing and active? Seriously? Everyone? It’s easy to be ‘funny/smart/easy-going/sweet’. The trick is to showcase examples as to why you’re all these adjectives. “I’m active and outdoorsy” turns into “Me and my morning coffee like taking hikes up to Council Crest. Nothing beats the view.”

Sloppy or Incomplete Profiles

People won’t think you’re being casual and low key because, remember, they’ve never met any version of you. They’re more likely to assume you aren’t worth dating.

Your Profile on the Wrong Site

If you don’t know the language, you won’t be successful. There are as many dating platforms as there are food carts in this town. You’re not going to expect spring rolls at the fried chicken food cart, right? Same logic applies.

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